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I have the following code

class driver{
        static BankAccount GetAccount(Customer customer, char c) {
            BankAccount accSrc = customer.S;
            // savings account
            if (c =='S') {
                accSrc = customer.S;
            // loan account
            } else if (c =='L') {
                accSrc = customer.L;
            // checking account
            } else if (c =='C') {
                accSrc = customer.C;
            // auto loan account
            } else if (c =='A') {
                accSrc = customer.A;
            return accSrc;
        public static void main(String[] args) {
            // TODO Auto-generated method stub
            Customer forrest = new Customer("Forrest Gump", 1, "42 New Street, New York, New York"); // me
            Customer random = new Customer("Random Name", 2, "44 New Street, New York, New York"); // imaginary partner
                String input = JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Please enter your transaction information: ");
                Scanner s = new Scanner(input);
                int id  = Integer.parseInt(;
                char action = Character.toUpperCase((;
                char accSrc = ' ';
                char accDest = ' ';
                double amount = 0;

                if(action == 'T'){
                    amount = s.nextDouble();
                    accSrc =;
                    accDest =;
                }else if(action == 'G' || action == 'I'){
                    accSrc =;
                    //if D,W
                    amount = s.nextDouble();
                    accSrc =;

            //}catch (IOException e){

                    return forrest;
                }else if(id == 2){
                    return random;
                BankAccount src = GetAccount(forrest,  accSrc);
                if(action == 'T'){
                    BankAccount dst = GetAccount(forrest, accDest);
                    src.transfer(amount, dst);


    class Customer{
        protected String name;
        protected int id;
        protected String address;
        protected BankAccount C = new BankAccount(id, this, 0);
        protected BankAccount S = new BankAccount(id, this, 0);
        protected BankAccount A = new BankAccount(id, this, 0);
        protected BankAccount L = new BankAccount(id, this, 0);

currently im hard coding BankAccount src = GetAccount(forrest, accSrc); how can I proceed to writing code so it returns an instance of the customers given an id number (say 1 given returns forrest, 2 given returns random) ?

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Put your classes in a Map e.g.

 Map<Integer, Customer> classMap = new HashMap<Integer, Customer>();
 Customer forrest =
        new Customer("Forrest Stallings", 1, "42 New Street, New York, New York"); 
 classMap.put(1, forrest );

 Customer random = 
        new Customer("Random Name", 2, "44 New Street, New York, New York");
 classMap.put(2, random );

Then simply get your class as:

Customer forrest= classMap.get(1); 
Customer random = classMap.get(2);
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is this the only way? – user133466 Nov 9 '12 at 21:21
@user133466 There could be more depending on your requirements, but given the scenario, this is simplest and serves the purpose. – Yogendra Singh Nov 9 '12 at 21:25
@user133466 There are many ways, this is one indeed. You could be using a list, an array, a file or even a database. Indeed, this is the simplest solution if you're still hardcoding stuff. – Gamb Nov 9 '12 at 21:26

You need to store your stuff in a List and then retrieve a list item by its index.

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better yet

Customer customers[] = { forrest, random };

I can call the instance with customer[id]

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