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I've having trouble with some old code used for research that I would like to compile using the Intel Fortran compiler. In a particular subroutine, I get segmentation faults unless I add in a write statement that just outputs the value of the loop index.

do j=1,ne


write(*,*) 'j=', j


What could be causing my error such that this write statement would fix my segmentation fault? (Note: j is declared as an integer)

thanks, keely

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Can you strip it down to a minimal, self-contained example that still crashes? Otherwise it's going to be tough to diagnose; there is probably undefined behavior somewhere in "SOME STUFF", such that the segfault is staved off by some side effect of the write. Basically your classic "heisenbug".... –  Jim Lewis Aug 26 '09 at 0:00

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Classic ways of causing this type of error which is 'fixed' by inserting write statements:

  1. walking off the end of an array -- use your compiler to switch on bounds-checking and debugging options to check for this;

  2. disagreement between arguments provided to a sub-program and arguments expected. Again, use your compiler if possible, your eyes otherwise.

Odds are 5-to-1 that one of these is the cause.

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