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i have two tables like this ->

id      name
1 -->      a
2    -->   b
3    -->   c

    id        catid    message
    1   -->      1   -->     aa
    2      -->   1   -->     bb
    3        --> 1   -->     cc
    4        --> 2   -->     dd
    5        --> 3    -->    ee
    6        --> 3    -->    ff

    i want to join the tables for get FIRST message from messages table,

i want query result like this ->

id         name       message
1          a          aa
2          b          dd
3          c          ee

i found a code

select * from categories c, items i
    -> where i.categoryid = c.id
    -> group by c.id;

but there isn't any ORDER BY procedure

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SELECT c.*, i.*
FROM categories c
JOIN items i ON (i.categoryid = c.id)
LEFT OUTER JOIN items i2 ON (i2.categoryid = c.id 
  AND (i.message > i2.message OR i.message = i2.message AND i.id > i2.id))
WHERE i2.categoryid IS NULL
ORDER BY c.id;

This tends to perform better on MySQL, since MySQL does so badly at GROUP BY queries.

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MySql will always return the first record from 2nd table if you group by the first one.

SELECT a.id, a.name, b.message FROM Categories a, Messages b WHERE b.catid = a.id GROUP BY a.id ORDER BY a.id
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That's not a documented policy of MySQL, it just happens to be true in the current version. I wouldn't recommend relying on this being true for all storage engines or in future versions. –  Bill Karwin Aug 26 '09 at 0:17
Or, indeed, over some kinds of database export/import. If you honestly don't care whether you get message aa, bb or cc you can get away with this query. But an ANSI-compliant DBMS would still complain. –  bobince Aug 26 '09 at 0:31

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