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Been working for a week on an iPad app in Flash Pro CS6. Before updating my iPad to iOS5, I was able to pack and release my IPA with the 3.2 AIR SDK that is integrated into CS6. No issues.

Foolishly, I updated my iPad to iOS6, and now my 3.2 AIR app will not install new versions. From the research I did from there, it seems that iOS6 doesn't work with 3.2, only 3.4.

I update my Flash Pro install, gaining the 3.4 AIR SDK. Now, Flash cannot even publish the IPA anymore. I do more research, determine that using a wildcard provision may be the issue. I create and download Provisions specifically for this App ID. Still won't release. Same error:

"Error creating files. Unable to open mobile provisioning profile."

Google has run dry at this point. And I cant find any other instances of this issue, nor how to fix it.

Anyone have a clue?

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