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I am creating a web page that uses a horizontal slider and animations to scrollTo hidden divs. When I click home I would like it to go to the first slide-panel div no matter what slide panel or mainContent div it is on. I've been messing around with the scrollTo that simply scrolls up to the slide panel but i cant figure out how to make it go back to the first panel. Any ideas?

$(function() {  
  $('#contact').click(function() {      
   $.scrollTo( '#contactDiv', 800, {easing:'swing', offset:{top:-130}} );
   if (currPanel != 1)      
   /*???? idk what to do here but i want it to scroll and slide to the first slide-panel                          

please see the jsFiddle for complete code: http://jsfiddle.net/mU9Nu/

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i created a plugin long time ago... check it out on freelee.ch/downloads/default.html –  silly Nov 9 '12 at 21:46
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Maybe this is a good solution for you:

$('#home').click(function() {
    $( $('.slide-panel')[0] ).addClass('active');

The $( $('.classname')[i] ) is referring to .classname's like an array.

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i couldnt get that to work. $.scrollTo('#full-slider').children('.slide-panel')[0] this selects the right div but how to I scroll/slide/animate to it? im trying $(function() { $('#home').click(function() { $.scrollTo('.slide-panel', 800, {easing:'swing', offset:{top:-130}} ); $('#full-slider').children('.slide-panel')[0].animate({ left: "400px" },1000) }); }); –  Anthony Nov 14 '12 at 16:06
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