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I have the following in my database in an object called "item" and I want to write some python that will select the lowest score from each group of student_id....I am a total python noob...how would I do this?

{u'student_id': 197, u'_id': ObjectId('50906d7fa3c412bb040eb88d'), u'type': u'homework', u'score': 10.90872422518918}
{u'student_id': 197, u'_id': ObjectId('50906d7fa3c412bb040eb88e'), u'type': u'homework', u'score': 88.3871242475841}
{u'student_id': 198, u'_id': ObjectId('50906d7fa3c412bb040eb892'), u'type': u'homework', u'score': 17.46279901047208}
{u'student_id': 198, u'_id': ObjectId('50906d7fa3c412bb040eb891'), u'type': u'homework', u'score': 76.18366499496366}
{u'student_id': 199, u'_id': ObjectId('50906d7fa3c412bb040eb895'), u'type': u'homework', u'score': 49.34223066136407}
{u'student_id': 199, u'_id': ObjectId('50906d7fa3c412bb040eb896'), u'type': u'homework', u'score': 58.09608083191365}


having some trouble running my code...can I get some sanity checking done? I'm getting this error...

NameError: name 'getResultFromDatabase' is not defined

Thank you for your trouble....here is my code...

import pymongo

from itertools import groupby
from pymongo import Connection

data = getResultFromDatabase()
connection = Connection('localhost', 27017)

db = connection.students

item = db.grades.find({'type' : 'homework'}).sort([('student_id',pymongo.ASCENDING),('score',pymongo.ASCENDING)])

for id, items in groupby(data, lambda s: s['student_id']):
    lowest_score = min(i['score'] for i in items)

    print lowest_score
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groupby does what you want:

from itertools import groupby

data = getResultFromDatabase()

for id, items in groupby(data, lambda s: s['student_id']):
    lowest_score_entry = min(items, key=lambda i: i['score'])
    print lowest_score_entry['score'], lowest_score_entry['_id']
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+1. The only thing the OP should watch out for when using groupby is that data has to be sorted by student_id (although if the example is representative, they might already be.) –  DSM Nov 9 '12 at 21:55
noob report here. getting this error: data = getResultFromDatabase() NameError: name 'getResultFromDatabase' is not defined –  thefonso Nov 9 '12 at 22:04
I'm trying pip install itertools...ah heck...that didn't work –  thefonso Nov 9 '12 at 22:11
@Eric total noob here...how do I install itertools? Is that part of the regular python installation or do I need to install it some other way? (thank you for your time) –  thefonso Nov 9 '12 at 22:13
@thefonso: itertools is a default module, you don't need to install anything. getResultFromDatabase() isn't an actual function -- Eric simply meant "do whatever you need to do to get data into a list (or other iterable) containing your dictionaries". –  DSM Nov 9 '12 at 22:36

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