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In my app, I get the user's default locale using Locale.getDefault() and then pass that to Currency.getInstance(Locale). It mostly works, but I have started getting reports from users which show the following IllegalArgumentException in the stack trace:

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unsupported ISO 3166 country: en_UK at java.util.Currency.getInstance(Currency.java:81) at org.

I expected Android to only return valid locales, but that is apparently not the case.

How do I handle such cases to make sure I only get valid ISO 3166 locales? The easy way will be to handle this special case, but I would rather use a generic solution if there is one.

Anyone have experience with this? Thanks.

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The ISO 3166 two-letter abbreviation for the UK is not UK, the correct id is GB. UK is there for compatibility reasons (a mistake made in the past).

I did look for other exeptions but did not find any, so for now i would just handle the special case.

Locale loc = new Locale("en","UK"); // test code

    loc = new Locale(loc.getLanguage(), "GB");
Currency cur = Currency.getInstance(loc);
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Hi, I'm getting same exception when using ES and PT, I have checked the ISO 3166 list you have mentioned, the list have both the locale. Then why the exception occured? –  Mani Oct 24 at 4:56
Please post your question and the code you used, as a new Question. –  Frank Oct 27 at 11:45

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