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Is it possible to set a "compiler" option to compile more TypeScript files in one project to one JavaScript file? The only solution I can find is passing multiple files to the "tsc" manually by hand, but I'd like to use the features of the IDE Visual Studio 2012.

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I am using bundling to do this in ASP.NET. You can use bundling with MVC or Web Forms.

If you are using Web Essentials, you will already be getting both a .js and a .min.js and bundling is clever enough to use the .js files at debug time and the minified versions in production - so you can debug easily but get smaller files in live.

You can read all about Bundling and Minification on the ASP.NET site.

However, if you want TypeScript to bundle the file (it won't minify it) you just need to use the following flag:

tsc --out combined.js app.ts

TypeScript will walk the dependencies and sort out the ordering for you so all you need to worry about is minifying the combined file.

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Take care when adding /// <reference/> notations to your TS files, because the compiler will only take them into count when building a bundled JS output if there is NO OTHER CODE before it in the file. I was suffering 2 hours with this before figuring out. – Zoltán Tamási Jan 29 '15 at 12:48
How is that an answer? Sohnee's solution is not using vs2012 – ceaggregation Jan 11 at 14:21

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