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I'm getting this error:

NameError: name 'getResultFromDatabase' is not defined

Here is my code:

import pymongo

from itertools import groupby
from pymongo import Connection

data = getResultFromDatabase()
connection = Connection('localhost', 27017)

db = connection.students

item = db.grades.find({'type' : 'homework'}).sort([('student_id',pymongo.ASCENDING),('score',pymongo.ASCENDING)])

for id, items in groupby(data, lambda s: s['student_id']):
    lowest_score = min(i['score'] for i in items)

    print lowest_score
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It looks like you haven't defined getResultsFromDatabase. It either needs to be created or imported from somewhere.

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In particular, if this function is in the pymongo module, then to access it you need to either do from pymongo import gRFD then you can use it as in your program; or, if you only do import pymongo, then you would use the function as data = pymongo.gRFD(). All the functions in a module are attributes of the module, unless they are imported directly as in "from module import specific-function". –  Dubslow Nov 9 '12 at 22:49

A NameError almost always has to do with a mistyped, or not yet imported definition of something, and in your case it is the latter. For any unkown errors you might encounter in the future, it helps to ctrl-f the python exceptions page, or whatever library your using page.

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