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I've tried to figure out what i did wrong.

I got an sample of facebook connection and i tried to figure it out on it I over covered this folder as soon as i made new project. and i even over covered the sample of facebook folder on after tutorial folder.

every 3 of project, i've done to figure out the problem.

I changed every written version to 1.6.1 by myself and i consoled "sbt clean update reload" but it didn't work

so.. after that i found some solution but not for me

on this page "Unresolved Dependencies for a new play 2.0 scala project"

Virtualeyes said

'blowing away ~/.ivy2, ~/m2'

but i couldn't find 2 of them at all.

c:\play\connect>sbt clean update reload

c:\play\connect>set SCRIPT_DIR=C:\play\

c:\play\connect>java -Xmx512M -jar "C:\play\sbt-launch.jar" clean update reload

[info] Loading project definition from C:\play\connect\project
[info] Set current project to FacebookConnectTestUsingPlay2 (in build file:/C:/p
[success] Total time: 0 s, completed 2012. 11. 10 오전 6:07:50
[info] Updating {file:/C:/play/connect/}FacebookConnectTestUsingPlay2...
[info] Resolving org.hibernate.javax.persistence#hibernate-jpa-2.0-api;1.0.1.Fin

[warn]  ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
[warn]  ::          UNRESOLVED DEPENDENCIES         ::
[warn]  ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
[warn]  :: org.slf4j#slf4j-api;1.6.1: configuration not found in org.slf4j#slf4j
-api;1.6.1: 'compile'. It was required from org.hibernate#hibernate-validator;4.
2.0.Final compile
[warn]  :: commons-codec#commons-codec;1.4: configuration not found in commons-c
odec#commons-codec;1.4: 'compile'. It was required from org.apache.httpcomponent
s#httpclient;4.1.2 compile
[warn]  ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
[error] {file:/C:/play/connect/}FacebookConnectTestUsingPlay2/*:update: sbt.Reso
lveException: unresolved dependency: org.slf4j#slf4j-api;1.6.1: configuration no
t found in org.slf4j#slf4j-api;1.6.1: 'compile'. It was required from org.hibern
ate#hibernate-validator;4.2.0.Final compile
[error] unresolved dependency: commons-codec#commons-codec;1.4: configuration no
t found in commons-codec#commons-codec;1.4: 'compile'. It was required from org.
apache.httpcomponents#httpclient;4.1.2 compile
[error] Total time: 10 s, completed 2012. 11. 10 오전 6:08:00

any suggetion will be appreciated


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1 Answer 1

I got the solution by myself again.

Based on the sample which is from

(because it was for version Play 2.0 not 2.0.4)

1.At plugins.sbt Change to addSbtPlugin("play" % "sbt-plugin" % "2.0.4")

2.At Change to sbt.version=0.11.3

  1. Type sbt
  2. Type play
  3. Type compile(in play console)

  4. if you have toubles with "commons-codec" and "org.slf4j" then erase every files in C:\play**repository\local\org.slf4j** and C:\play**repository\local\commons-codec**

  5. Type 'sbt clean update reload' then 'play compile'

  6. it's gonna work

(dont' forget the changing which in Application.scala

lazy val config = play.Play.application().configuration()
    val FBAppId = config.getString("")
    val FBAppSecret = config.getString("")
    val FBAppCallback = config.getString("")

) like i said that source is for version 2.0 not recently one

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