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I use Rails 3 with MongoMapper. I want to add some records to the result of has many association.

For example, user has_many posts

class User
  include MongoMapper::Document

  many :posts

By default it will show only posts which belongs to the user, but if he/she specify special option in query (or in the user's settings menu, say show-commented=true), then I also need to add posts where user left any comments. So I think to override posts method

def posts
  super + (show_commented_posts ? commented_posts : [])

But of course it doesn't work. How can I correctly override this method using mongo_mapper? Or is there any better approach for that problem?

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Overriding methods on mongomapper is a very bad idea, you should try to refrain from doing it as it creates a lot of problems that are hard to trace back (I've been burned before by this).

Instead, you should consider using a scope such as

class Post
  scope :related_to_user, lambda {|user| where('$or' => [ {user_id:}, {'comments.user_id' =>}]) }

Then you can call

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