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We offer an additional checkout option for our merchant partners (similar to PayPal).

Customers can checkout by selecting our checkout button on the checkout page; these customers must have already registered with us and added a credit card to their account.

We offer two options for Merchants to integrate with us:

  1. API (web services) or
  2. Form (POST).

When a customer checks out by selecting our button, the following steps occur:

  1. customer is presented with a login dialog to be authenticated

  2. if successful and order is approved (by our back-end system), the customer is notified of this on the dialog box (web service) or form (hosted; then sent back to the merchants site).

  3. the order in the merchants site is updated with the success status and with the customers billing/shipping information from our system.

Does Shopify have APIs that will allow us to do the steps above?

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Hi there, could you please mark this question as answered if you’re confident in David’s answer? – Edward Ocampo-Gooding Nov 14 '12 at 15:32

There's no direct API to do this.

Shopify uses (a version of) ActiveMerchant for all payment processing services, both on-site (e.g. Stripe) and off-site (e.g. Paypal). If your service is integrated into ActiveMerchant, it can be integrated into Shopify.


Just being integrated into ActiveMerchant doesn't guarantee Shopify inclusion. We already integrate with many payment services, so any new offering must also be attractive on a business level as well as sound on a technical one before we'd consider adding it.

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