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I am trying to de that the EmailValidator class return me only one error messages. In other forums I have seen that in ZF1 only is possible make it extending the Validator class.

Anybody know if in ZF2 there is a more easy way for make it?

This is my code for if anyone it help, in this I call setMessages method for overwrite the default messagestemplate, but not works.

    $form    = new ParticipantForm();
    $mailInput = new Input('mail');
    $validator = new ValidatorEmailAddres();
                    ValidatorHostName::UNKNOWN_TLD => 'hola'
    $mailInputFilter = new InputFilter();
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Try this:

$validator = new \Zend\Validator\EmailAddres();
$validator->setMessage('something broke bla');

or to set a specific message:

$validator = new \Zend\Validator\EmailAddres();
$validator->setMessage('something broke bla', \Zend\Validator\EmailAddres::LENGTH_EXCEEDED);
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