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I'm trying to start up HAProxy on Cygwin. When I do so, I get the following response:

$ /usr/local/sbin/haproxy -f /usr/local/sbin/haproxy.cfg
[ALERT] 313/180006 (4008) : cannot change UNIX socket ownership 
                           (/tmp/haproxy.socket). Aborting.
[ALERT] 313/180006 (4008) : [/usr/local/sbin/haproxy.main()] 
                            Some protocols failed to start 
                            their listeners! Exiting.

It looks like it's due to the following line in my config file, when I rip this it starts up:

stats socket /tmp/haproxy.socket uid haproxy mode 770 level admin

The entire config:

log local0 info
stats socket /tmp/haproxy.socket uid haproxy mode 770 level admin
maxconn 1000

log global
mode tcp
option tcplog
option dontlognull
retries 3
option redispatch
maxconn 1000
timeout connect 5s
timeout client 120s
timeout server 120s

listen rabbitmq_local_cluster
mode tcp
balance roundrobin
server rabbit_0 check inter 5000 rise 2 fall 3
server rabbit_1 check inter 5000 rise 2 fall 3

listen private_monitoring
mode http
option httplog
stats enable
stats uri /stats
stats refresh 5s

Any ideas would be appreciated, Thanks!

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Simple answer, as I expected. My user "haproxy" which is referenced in the problematic line:

stats socket /tmp/haproxy.socket uid haproxy mode 770 level admin

Did not have necessary permissions on the local machine. Once this was set up, it started up fine.

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Nice to know that it still works on cygwin, what version of haproxy is this ? I did not know that UNIX sockets were supported on windows BTW. Or maybe they're emulated via named pipes ?

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Hi @Willy Tarreau, it's HAP 1.4.22. Not sure on the Unix sockets question as I know very little on the subject (hence the noob question). I was just trying to get a local LB set up to test out RabbitMQ clustering and Cygwin/HAP combo was recommended as a relatively easy solution to set up. The config I used was primarily a cut and paste from an example. If you have any knowledge to impart on the subject, it would be appreciated. Thanks! – swannee Nov 27 '12 at 13:49

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