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I'd like to substitute a few simple variables (e.g. a version number, or a CDN URL prefix) in static assets (html, css, js) at build time. Play 2.x itself isn't able to do this, but perhaps there is a generic sbt task that does variable interpolation in files?

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You can use the sbt-editsource plugin. It does simple variable substitutions on the source text. You will need to set the sources directory to where your static assets are. Here is a detailed guide.

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Although I don't know your needs and probably Kim's answer is good enough you can also make CDN configurable via application.conf + small resolving method:




public static String cdnResource(String cdnId, String filePath) {
    return Play.application().configuration().getString("cdn."+cdnId) + filePath;


<script src='@Application.cdnResource("cdn1", "bootstrap/js/bootstrap.min.js")' type="text/javascript"></script>
<img src='@Application.cdnResource("cdn2", "template/images/logo.png")' alt="" >
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This won't work for static assets--unless there is a way to have templates evaluated at build time? –  ejain Nov 11 '12 at 3:25

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