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I'm currently building a basic prototype as part of an HCI class I'm part of in college. I modeled the app screens and now wish the link the images in html so you can mock usage and navigation. I have little to no familiarity with HTML though and have run into a problem with what I'm trying to do.

When I open this page the URL is


But after clicking a button that should navigate you to a different page entirely through the area tags embedded url instead it goes here


What am I doing wrong?

<title>CarPark Application</title>
<h1 id="documentTitle">CarPark Application</h1>

<div class="Page" id="pulldownmenu_page">
<div class="ImageContainer">
<img width="320" height="500" src="pages%5Cpulldownmenu.png" usemap="#map_pulldownmenu" />
<map name="map_pulldownmenu">
<area shape="rect" coords="18,313,296,356" href="carparkstatusscreen_page.html" title="Go to page 'CarParkStatus_Screen'" />
<area shape="rect" coords="18,230,296,273" href="parkinghours_page.html" title="Go to page     'Parking_Hours'" />
<area shape="rect" coords="18,146,296,189" href="carstatus_page.html" title="Go to page     'Car_status'" />
<area shape="rect" coords="18,78,296,123" href="parkcar_page.html" title="Go to page 'Park_car'" />
<area shape="rect" coords="107,394,228,424" href="loginscreen_page.html" title="Go to page         'Login_Screen'" />


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You can Do two things :

Run your HTML in a local server I would advise you using an Apache server to run the page. I guess you are using Windows so WampServer would be a good and simple one.

  1. Put all your file in a folder In the www directory.
  2. Type localhost in your browser or the full 'local' url http://localhost/[name of your directory]. exemple: if you created a folder named My_Project and the heml file name is index.html :


Put the ful Path of the file instead of just the file name

If the url (actually its the path) of your main on your browser is :


for all the other href put the full path, exemple:

<area shape="rect" coords="18,313,296,356" 
 title="Go to page 'CarParkStatus_Screen'" />
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