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I am working on adding achievements to an iOS game, but I have a pretty strong hatred of game center, and I don't want to break the player's immersion by displaying achievement pop-ups all the time.

Does Apple allow game center games to not report achievements to the player as they are earned? In the documentation they have a list of requirements but it doesn't seem to include displaying the achievement pop-up when one is earned.

I know there's the option to re-skin the achievement pop-up using a class like this one but I'd like to not show the pop-ups at all if possible.

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GKAchievement has a property 'showsCompletionBanner'. Just set it to NO. The documentation says you should then implement some way to display the achievement to the player but so far as I know that could be long after the achievement is earned -- for example when the player launches the Game Center app.


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