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Is it possible to enter text from an extension or userscript into the address bar/omnibox in google chrome?

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Apparently, this is not possible. From the extension developer FAQ:

Can extensions create UI outside of the rendered web page?

Yes, your extension may add buttons to the Chrome browser's user interface. See browser actions and page actions for more information.

An extension may also create popup notifications, which exist outside of the browser window. See the desktop notifications documentation for more details.

No mention is made of overwriting the omnibox, and the extension API documentation provides no function that looks able to do that.
This is probably for the best, as having an arbitrary write capability, to the omnibox, would invite way too much mischief.

You can, however use the chrome.omnibox API to create a custom list of choices that your extension can react to. The user must initiate this by typing your extension's keyword. See the Omnibox Example extension code.

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