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I have a bit of code to play audio tag HTML5 when clicked. Works properly in all browsers. I recently tried to convert it to automatically play when the page opens (no click required). Works fine in Chrome and FF, but won't play in IE... although I don't see an obvious error.

// add a 'self play' function on a wrapper div
jQuery('.autoplay').each( function(i) {
            if( jQuery(this).attr("rel") ) {   
                var xv = jQuery(this);
                x = jQuery(this).attr('rel') + ext;                                             
                audioElements.push( document.createElement('audio') ); 
                // alert(x);
                y = audioElements.length-1;
                audioElements[y].setAttribute('src', x);
                audioElements[y].addEventListener("canplay", function(){ xv.addClass('canplay');    });             
                // audioElements[y].currentTime=0;                       
                // alert(x);
                return true;

The live site is But again, if you go to and click on any icon, the same basic code works fine.

Any ideas?

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What version of IE? – Leon Newswanger Nov 10 '12 at 3:24
I'm not the best at jQuery so I'll leave a fix / workaround to someone capable of giving you an accurate and correct answer. What I can tell you is that the audio tag was new to HTML5 and is not supported in IE8 and earlier. See for more information. – Leon Newswanger Nov 10 '12 at 3:29
Tnanks for the suggestions. As I said, the code works -fine- if attached to an <a> click function. I'm using IE9. – jchwebdev Nov 10 '12 at 5:21

Try including this

<script src=""></script>

This javascript informs IE about the new HTML5 elements

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I'll give it a shot, but since the code works when used as a click function, I wonder if this is necessary. I've done some basic tests that the audio object is loading without error. – jchwebdev Nov 10 '12 at 5:24

Crap... wasted a lot of time thinking this was a code issue. It's apparently a problem with the MP3, which I don't get, but that's another story. The MP3 plays fine locally.

The reason I didn't catch it is that I have MP3, OGG and WAV versions of each song so apparently other browsers were falling back to the alternate file type... but IE can't.

If I had simply tested the MP3 I woulda saved myself the trouble.

Anyhoo... I re-rendered the MP3 and the new version works fine in IE.

Moral: Ockham's Razor.

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