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Is there any way to use compiled Haxe code in a Java application (instead of vice-versa?) I want to write a library of functions in Haxe, compile the Haxe code to Java, and then use the compiled Haxe library in a Java application.

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To search for a specific function in a source folder, you can use grep -r "myFunction" *java - this will return all occurrences of myFunction in the source folder. –  Anderson Green Nov 10 '12 at 4:09

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Sure you can.

You just have to use Haxe / Java.

It will generate some .java class and compile them into a .jar.

You can then either use the .jar as a normal Java jar, or use directly the Java classes. It's still under heavy development, so it may require some minor hacks, but its globally working great.

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