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Question about InboundMailHandler.

class MailHandle(InboundMailHandler):
  def receive(self, mail_message):

mail_message.sender may contained "John Bolton <>". How can i extract "" from it?
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I've been using this regex, which works very well. It might theoretically be possible to engineer a sender which fails this regex, that's why I catch the exception and alert about the address. It has not happened yet though.

    sender ='<?([^<>]+)>?$',mail.sender).group(1)
except AttributeError:

The other answer is not compatible with the official email address format, as defined per RFC 2822.

Normally, a mailbox is comprised of two parts: (1) an optional display name that indicates the name of the recipient (which could be a person or a system) that could be displayed to the user of a mail application, and (2) an addr-spec address enclosed in angle brackets ("<" and ">"). There is also an alternate simple form of a mailbox where the addr-spec address appears alone, without the recipient's name or the angle brackets.

Please note that this snippet mentions recipients, but if you read the spec, it applies to senders also.

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without an regex e.g.:

s = "John Bolton <>"
email = ''.join([e for e in s.split() if '@' in e])[1:-1]
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While perhaps more elegant than a regex, it's not compatible with RFC 2822. – user479870 Nov 10 '12 at 5:39
he didn't ask for rfc-compliance afaik. that's why i didn't even bother with re. – Don Question Nov 10 '12 at 5:59

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