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I've managed to do some ant-script to populate my databases.. (simple script that runs some .sql files, like 'create', 'populate', 'drop', etc.)

Is there any way in hell that an ant-script can create the database itself from scratch? This is for JavaDB-Derby (from the glassfish bundle). Since it's a project for university, we find that we recreate the database on different machines all the time, and I would like to avoid this. Also it'd be great to know.

Normally I would create a database through Netbeans, and it would ask for a name, location, username, and then it would create the link derby:jdbc://localhost:1527//DBUsername/

I understand this is probably a bit too db-related, but since ant seems like a good tool maybe it could help.. or if not, maybe some other way (maybe another .sql file?)

Thanks for any replies.

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Apache Derby's JDBC driver lets you create a database using ;create=true flag in the connection string:


You can do this from Ant by running ij tool as command-line (or as java app). Here's a link to documentation

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I've created databases via Ant. I don't recall having a problem executing DDL with the SQL task. You might want to check out DBUnit.

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Have you seen this link: Ant Script to create MySQL tables. Shouldn't be too hard to adapt it for Derby.

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