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I want to use the Lucene API to extract ngrams from sentences. However I seem to be running into a peculiar problem. In the JavaDoc there is a class called NGramTokenizer. I have downloaded both the 3.6.1 and 4.0 API's and I do not see any trace of this class. For example when I try the following I get an error stating that the symbol NGramTokenizer cannot be found:

NGramTokenizer myTokenizer;

In the documentation it appears that the NGramTokenizer is in the path org.apache.lucene.analysis.NGramTokenizer. I do not see this anywhere on my computer. It does not seem likely that a download or other miscellaneous error has occurred since this happens with both the 3.6.1 and 4.0 API's

  1. How can I obtain the NGramTokenizer class?
  2. I added the lucene-core-3.6.1.jar to my project
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You are using the wrong jar. It's in


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