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Is there a way to listen on all the ways a user could trigger an undo on a contenteditable div? For example when the user hits Control+Z, Right-click -> Undo, or in the file menu Edit -> Undo.

I'm not looking for undo/redo algorithms or implementations, just the ability to listen to the event and overwrite the behavior.

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Well, the Ctrl+Z/Y is possible, but I don't know about the Right-click->Undo/Redo part.

$(document).keydown(function (e) {
  var thisKey = e.which;

  if (e.ctrlKey) {
    if (thisKey == 90) alert('Undo');
    else if (thisKey == 89) alert('Redo');
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Already implemented the undo functionality in another way, but I thought it'd be cool to be able to do it with ctrl+z. Thanks, mate, worked like a charm. –  Drew Copenhaver Dec 12 '13 at 19:58

Control z example at How to detect ctrl+v ,Ctrl+c using Javascript?

for rightclick you can show a div on a right click How can I capture the right-click event in JavaScript?

then when they click the undo option on the div. just put in a onclick function.

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