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Gridded toplevel windows in Windows XP doesn't seem to restrict the user from resizing in multiples of a number. It works in X, but not in Windows. I can resize to any pixel size.

Doesn't the Windows windows manager support it? Can i do it manually, maybe by binding some commands to the resize event of the toplevel?

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You're correct that it doesn't really work on Windows (this is also true for Mac OS X/Aqua) and it is because the window manager itself doesn't support the feature. You have to synthesize it with some scripts. However the real complication is that a typical gridded window is more than just the one gridded window; there's some extra space around it which can make the updated size go into the next grid size up and that makes the window expand a bit and resize again… and again and again…

Thus, we need a two-stage initialization, first measuring the real size of the extra space we have to allow for and only then applying the enforcement code.

package require Tk

proc initGrid {window w h} {
    # Do nothing for subwindows
    if {$window ne [winfo toplevel $window]} return

    lassign [wm grid $window] xcount ycount xstep ystep
    set wExtra [expr {$w - $xcount*$xstep}]
    set hExtra [expr {$h - $ycount*$ystep}]
    bind $window <Configure> [list resizeGrid $wExtra $hExtra %W %w %h]
proc resizeGrid {wExtra hExtra window w h} {
    # Do nothing for subwindows
    if {$window ne [winfo toplevel $window]} return

    lassign [wm grid $window] xcount ycount xstep ystep
    if {$w-$wExtra != $xcount*$xstep || $h-$hExtra != $ycount*$ystep} {
        set w [expr {($w - $wExtra)/$xstep}]
        set h [expr {($h - $hExtra)/$ystep}]
        wm grid $window $w $h $xstep $ystep

pack [text .t -setgrid 1] -fill both -expand 1
bind . <Configure> {initGrid %W %w %h}

As you can see, this isn't particularly simple to get right!

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Health Warning: I've not tried this on Windows, but it does work for me on OSX so there's a reasonable chance it will work for you too… –  Donal Fellows Nov 10 '12 at 8:14
It works but it flickers while resizing. It's probably more stable to make the window non-resizable and make 4 button widgets for resizing. Or 2 text fields, or... Anyway, now that I know that I haven't missed anything or done something wrong, I can continue with my level editor. Thanks. –  potrzebie Nov 10 '12 at 14:33
I don't think it's possible to do much about the flickering without a lot of deep architectural work; the <Configure> event is how you get the size info in a timely way. (I actually advise not using -setgrid at all and just dealing with what you get.) –  Donal Fellows Nov 21 '12 at 11:27
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