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I have two tables to which I have to make insert to

Table 1 : Project

  • projectId
  • Name
  • Description

Table 2 : Access

  • id
  • userId
  • projectId

Now I am using ASP.NET MVC 4 with Entity Framework, now my question is how do I make insert to both this table ?

I mean I know I can make insert to Table 1 using EF, but then I need the projectId(which is generated with the first insert) to make the second insert.

I am not sure of how to go about it. Please some one guide me on this

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When you save an object, the EF will populate the auto generated Key fields of the inserted objects:

public ActionResult Index() { 

    var ctx = new FooBarDbContext();

    var foo = new Foo();
    foo.Bar = "FooBar";

    // now you have the Id for Foo object.

    var bar = new Bar();
    bar.FooId = foo.Id;

    // do what you need now.
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public ActionResult Index()


ProjectContext db = new ProjectContext ();
var project = new Project();
var access = new Access();

project.Name = “Project Name”;
project.Description = “Project Description”;

access.UserId = 1; // Fill with your userId
access.Project = project;

db.SaveChanges();// save project and access


// In Models folder

public class ProjectContext: DbContext


 public DbSet<Project> User { get; set; }
 public DbSet<Access> Contact { get; set; }


// Also in Access Class you must define Project

public class Access


public int id{ get; set; }
public int UserId {get;set;}
public int ProjectId { get; set; }

public virtual Project Project { get; set; }
// This line make relation between project and access


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