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So I just learned PHP and made quite a few trivial web apps from scratch like and

Now I wanted to get into more advance PHP stuffs and venture into MVC frameworks. I've found CodeIgniter, CakePHP, ZEND, and Laravel.

Of all the frameworks I found, Laravel was the one quite praised by developers nowadays for its features.

I don't have a knowledge about basic MVC principles. And my question: Is Laravel easy/good for a beginning php developer to learn from? Or does it require some working knowledge of MVC before I can start?


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Why don't you just try and find out? – Mat Nov 10 '12 at 8:21
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I tried a lot of frameworks, and Laravel is a good one for me.

The documentation is awesome, it's not just a webpage with a lot of information to learn, it gives you a lot of examples that will help you.

Laravel is provided with a lot of powerful tools, such as an powerful and expressive ORM ( called Eloquent ), a template engine ( Blade ), a data validation system, which makes validation of user inputs a piece of cake...

And the best of all, the community is very very helpful & friendly. Check the Forums or the IRC channel #laravel on the Freenode server ( )

Now you can just give it a try, and if it doesn't look ok for you, just try another framework !

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Laravel is a very good php-framework, but many of the laravel tutorials are harmful for beginners because they:

  1. force the user to write code in routes, not controllers.
  2. force the user to use @layout in EVERY one of the view files.
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