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if data_seek is the resultset's pointer setter, is there a way to get the current line?


$m->data_seek(9); // last item

$last = $m->fetch_object();

echo $m->........; // must echo 9
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are you talking about $current_field?? –  geekman Nov 10 '12 at 8:53

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As far as i know, there is no native way to do this, you could, however, extend mysqli_result in order to implement such functionallity... which forces you to extend the main mysqli class as well.

  • $result->current_field only works if you get your field information using $result->fetch_field()

something like this for the result class

class extended_mysqli_result extends mysqli_result
    public $last_seek = 0;

    public function data_seek($offset = 0)
        parent::data_seek($this->last_seek = $offset);

and something like this for the main class

class extended_mysqli extends mysqli
    public function query( $query )
        if ( $this->real_query($query) )
            if ( $this->field_count )
                return new extended_mysqli_result($this);
            else return true;
        else return false;
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