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I'm following this example:

I defined a Makefile in my root directory:


  @NODE_ENV=test ./node_modules/.bin/mocha \
    --reporter $(REPORTER) \

  @NODE_ENV=test ./node_modules/.bin/mocha \
    --reporter $(REPORTER) \

.PHONY: test test-w

But when I run 'make test' it says "make: Nothing to be done for `test'."

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Turns out Makefiles are tab-sensitive -- and those were clobbered when I cut-n-paste the file...

In vi, i turned on tabs and spacing to fix it:

vi Makefile
:set list

Now you can retab the file and ensure you are doing it correctly.

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You should accept your own answer, it helped me out! :P – Dropped.on.Caprica Jun 17 '14 at 19:04

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