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I would like to use some of the Clojure interfaces in a Java library project in several situations where it would be useful for my Java classes to implement them. In particular:

Doing this would make my Java library much more user-friendly for Clojure-based users.

However I don't want to import the whole of clojure.jar as a dependency - since it is relatively large and my library is mainly targeted at Java users.

Is there a way to import and develop against the Clojure interfaces without bringing in the rest of Clojure?

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Try it:

  1. unpack the clojure jar
  2. put only the .class you need into a directory named LightweightClojure
  3. run you test appli (test + lib + LightweightClojure)
  4. goto 2 until it works
  5. zip the LightweightClojure directory into LightweightClojure.jar
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If you are using Maven, you can us Maven Shade Plugin's minimize-jar configuration.

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