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Can anyone help me how to put an <esc> command in a vimscript in order to switch from a insert visual mode (selection mode) to the visual mode?

This is my script:

  if a:type == "'<,'>" 
    normal! "\<esc>\<esc>"
    normal gvy
    let myvariable= @+

I have selected a piece of text. (I'm now in insert visual mode (=selection mode))
I have to select the same text in visual mode.
Without vimscript I just have to push 2 times the <esc> command and the command gv in normal mode to reselect the selection again and this time I'm in visual mode.

I tried to put the <esc> commands as in above script but it doesn't work.

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You have completely wrong syntax for invocation of :normal.

normal! "\<Esc>\<Esc>"

will execute 14 characters in normal mode, none of them will be escape character: normal does not accept expressions. You have to use

execute "normal! \e\e"

(\<Esc> also works, but \e is faster to type). I see no reason in having two normal commands here so

execute "normal! \e\egvy"

. But I am still wondering what you do to invoke this script? Without this information the above is likely to prove being completely useless.

PS: I completely agree with @romainl that using easy mode and, more, using mouse in easy mode is completely wrong way of using vim.

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Thank you Zyx. I use the windows mode of gvim, that means that when I select text (in insert mode) it doesn't go in visual mode but insert visual mode (=selection mode). I find that easier then visual mode. But I have a big vimscript which works fine in visual mode (after I leave insert mode and select some stuff), but sometimes I forget to leave insert mode and select text to use it with the vimscript, it gives an error, so I would try to make this vimscript also work when I I'm in insert visual mode. Now it does. Thank you very much!! –  Remonn Nov 10 '12 at 12:28

What are you doing in insert visual mode in the first place? Are you using GVim in "easy" mode and using the mouse? There are better ways…

Anyway, instead of <Esc><Esc> you can use <C-g> to go from select mode to visual mode.

Without more background on your goal I can't be sure but I think that you are doing something unnecessarily complicated.

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Romainl, thank you for answering. Yes I use gvim in "easy mode" I believe. (set mouse=a / set selection=inclusive). <C-g> doesn't work btw. It inserts <C-g> in the text. –  Remonn Nov 10 '12 at 9:49
Do you mean that hitting Ctrl + g actually inserts <C-g>? That's weird! –  romainl Nov 10 '12 at 10:59
yep it inserts <C-g> in the text. –  Remonn Nov 10 '12 at 11:08

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