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I have an autocompexion app. that works. Server side written in php (search.php) . Client side in javascript (autocomplexion.js). In a text field this helps to enter town name by giving towns names that starts with the same letters that are entered in the field. search.php sort a list of towns in towns.txt and choose the ones that match. autocomplexion.js helps to select among those proposed towns.

My issue :

In Zend i would use this in a form (zend_Form) in a text field created with Zend_Form_Element_Text. How do i link this field with autocomplexion.js and search.php. where do i put search.php and autocomplexion.js

Thanks for your answer


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Write the PHP search function in an Action in an appropriate controller. Point the JS to this action and I think you are done.

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