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I am trying to create a simple program using C, that reads data from a text file and then creates a graph based on that data. I am running UNIX.

Half of my code is meant to use the terminal for printf and scanf for user input and displaying messages, and once that half is complete, the other half needs to start.

The 2nd half is meant to create a graph using drawapp.jar, a seperate drawing program.

When i compile using gcc -o filename filename.c and run using ./filename , it compiles fun but only runs the first half

When i compile using gcc -o filename filename.c graphics.c and run using ./filename | java -jar drawapp.jar , it compiles fine but when it runs it opens drawapp.jar which freezes on a blank grey screen and the terminal window does not show the first half of my code where it is meant to ask for user input and just freezes, the terminal allows me to type but it does nothing

Image on this link shows my problem:

How do i get the c code correct so that it does the first half in terminal then switches to drawapp.jar?


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pic's as clear as your question. –  avip Nov 10 '12 at 9:43

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fork() and execlp() with "java -jar drawapp.jar"

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+1 and a pipe to send data collected and computed in half#1 as stdin to the java process. (prolly shoulda mentioned that =P). –  WhozCraig Nov 10 '12 at 10:25, you're welcome, also consider the WhozCraig answer ;) –  Alter Mann Nov 10 '12 at 10:36
thanks, i tried using the 4.3 code and replacing the wc with drawapp but still no luck, im still getting the grey screen, the first line of my int main(void) section is a scanf where the user enters the name of the file that contains the data, that does not show up in the terminal when run and neither does any of the subsequent lines of code, a drawapp window pops up but is grey as in the picture above :( –  user1814239 Nov 10 '12 at 11:01
Ok, try to run result of your app directly in this way: java -jar drawapp.jar | ./graphGen2 , (in the first pic your pipe was inverted: ./graphGen2 | java -jar drawapp.jar) –  Alter Mann Nov 10 '12 at 11:23

So as far as I understand, your program's stdout is piped to the java-process. Now you first want to communicate with the user using the terminal-window, and then send commands via stdout to the java.process. So you could just open /dev/tty for output

FILE *f=fopen ("/dev/tty", "w");
fprintf (f, "Hi there\n");

and talk this way to the terminal. If you have output with no \n at the end, you might have to use fflush:

fprintf (f, "enter name: ");
fflush (f);
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