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I have a question regarding the GWT MultiWordSuggestOracle ...

According to the examples I've seen, in order to populate the oracle with data, you need to load the data in the frontend:

private MultiWordSuggestOracle oracleProducts = new MultiWordSuggestOracle();
for (ProductDTO product : products) {
productTextBox = new WatermarkedTextBox();
new SuggestBox(oracleProducts, productTextBox)

As soon as you have 10 of these text fields with autocomplete on your page, and each of them is filled with 100+ strings, things get a little slow, especially on slower internet connections.

Is there an alternative to the oracle / suggestbox which doesn't requires prepopulating the autocomplete field with data or which sends a request to the backend to do the searching?

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You must implement SuggestOracle.requestSuggestions and do your RPC/RequestFactory/REST call to your backend there.

This is how we implemented a contact suggestbox by doing a REST call to the backend :

public void requestSuggestions(final Request request, final Callback callback) {
    SearchCriteria criteria = new SearchCriteria(request.getQuery());
            new Result<SearchResult<Contact>>() {

                public void onFailure(Throwable caught) {

                public void onSuccess(SearchResult<Contact> result) {
                    Response resp = new Response();
                    callback.onSuggestionsReady(request, resp);
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I knew there had to be a way to make the backend do the searching, loading everything into the frontend just didn't feel right. – Jan Vladimir Mostert Nov 11 '12 at 19:37

You're free to implement SuggestOracle the way you want.

The now-deprecated GWT-Incubator project has an example using RPC which you can easily copy and adapt.

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try to use setLimit() for SuggestBox instance this should do the work

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It would still require me to load all the strings into oracleProduct. I'm looking for a solution where I don't have to preload anything, where the "search request" is sent to the backend which handles the search. Not sure if that will slow down the oracle's search capabilities. – Jan Vladimir Mostert Nov 10 '12 at 10:13

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