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Access violations in GM API

I have a rather large script which collects data from a website I use and sends it to my own mysql database for in depth analysis.

I have recently had to start using the websites own jQuery instance as GM messed around with their sandbox, and now I randomly get messages like this:

Timestamp: 10/11/2012 9:10:35 PM Error: Greasemonkey access violation: unsafeWindow cannot call GM_xmlhttpRequest.

I start my code with

if (typeof $ === "undefined") $ = jQuery = unsafeWindow.jQuery;

so I am expecting that none of my functions are called from unsafeWindow - obviously I seem to be wrong so I have to use the workaround from above

Is there a way I can use the workaround from the link at the top for all my GM_ calls? (setValue, getValue, xmlhttpRequest...) so I don't have to find all my calls to GM_ functions that generate this error and put them into a settimeout0 ?

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No, you cannot use that workaround except by finding each use of GM_ functions and wrapping them in a setTimeout(). But do not script that way.

That workaround is for the not-too-common times when you need to change JS, that the page itself uses, to call GM_ functions. Even then, the timer approach is not the best way; use events or messages instead (covered-by/subject-for other questions).

The best approach is to have your script use its own jQuery, and to restore the sandbox by setting appropriate values of @grant. For example:

// ==UserScript==
// @name     YOUR_SCRIPT_NAME
// @include  http://YOUR_SERVER.COM/YOUR_PATH/*
// @require  http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.7.2/jquery.min.js
// @grant    GM_addStyle   
// @grant    GM_xmlhttpRequest
// ==/UserScript==

// Your code that uses jQuery, GM_addStyle, and GM_xmlhttpRequest goes here.

This has many advantages. The code will be simpler and faster, and there will be no unexpected interactions or dependencies. (You can even fully block the page's javascript, and the GM script will still work.)
You will also avoid the ballyhooed risk of getting pwned via unsafewindow.   ;-)

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