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I am doing this to read :

private bool writetoven(string xlspath)
    OleDbConnection excelConnection = new OleDbConnection(excelConnectionString)

        OleDbCommand ocmd = new OleDbCommand("select * from [Sheet1$]", excelConnection);
        OleDbDataReader odr = ocmd.ExecuteReader();
        string vcode = "";
        string pswd = "";
        string vname = "";

        while (odr.Read())
            vcode = valid(odr, 0);
            pswd = valid(odr, 1);
            vname = valid(odr, 2);

        return true;
    catch (DataException)
        return false;
        lblmsg4.Text = "Data Inserted Sucessfully";

and my connection string is like this:

excelConnectionString = "provider=Microsoft.jet.oledb.4.0;data source=" + 
                        filepath1 + 
                        ";extended properties='Excel 8.0;HDR=YES;'";

but I am getting an error as

The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot open the file ''. It is already opened exclusively by another user, or you need permission to view its data.

Line 1574: OleDbConnection excelConnection = new OleDbConnection(excelConnectionString);
Line 1575:
Line 1576: excelConnection.Open();
Line 1577:
Line 1578:

It seems like the file is still open but its not and I have checked the running process and its not there

Now what should I do? ...My Excel sheet is closed but I am getting this error

i dont have microsoft access on my com is that can be an issue

is this problem is something to do with my fileupload control that i am using??

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Is there any special reason why you are calling excelConnection.Open(); twice? Furthermore I would check TaskManager if there is any instance of Excel running in background (not visible) with your file open! –  Pilgerstorfer Franz Nov 10 '12 at 11:45
yes that was my fault sorry ... but i removed that and still not able to work –  Drone Nov 12 '12 at 6:16
is this problem is something to do with my fileupload control that i am using?? –  Drone Nov 12 '12 at 6:24
Try using LINQ-To-Excel and see if that works for you. –  Enigmativity Nov 12 '12 at 6:28
do you have any excel process running in your task manager? –  Karthik Nov 12 '12 at 6:32

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Make sure the account your web app is running under has permissions on the file.

Also, since you are not using a path, and just a filename, it might not be finding the file where it is at. Where is the file located relative to your web application?

Does System.IO.File.ReadAllBytes(filepath1) succeeed or fail?

Since you are dealing with a file upload:

The user is uploading from their computer through the browser, and the file is transferred to your server in the post response. See: http://blog.divergencehosting.com/2009/03/12/upload-read-parse-file-aspnet/

Even if you had the full path, you wouldn't be able to access the file on the user's computer from your server. The browser sends you a copy of the file in uploadControl.PostedFile.InputStream; where uploadControl is the name of your asp:FileUpload control.

You would then need to save this stream to a file location on the server, and provide this full path to the connection string.

If you used something like EPPlus to read the file instead of the OleDbConnection, you could use the in-memory stream instead of saving the file first.

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System.IO.File.ReadAllBytes(filepath1) failed –  Drone Nov 12 '12 at 6:41
yes i just figured it out that i need the whole path name.. can u tell me how to get the full path in fileuploder control? i am only getting filename –  Drone Nov 12 '12 at 6:47
Try setting filename1 to @"D:\Vendor.xls" then if that is where it is located. I doubt that's where your web app is so, the web app would have no idea that it just so happens that Vendor.xls isn't in the web app directory, but actually in the root of D: –  AaronLS Nov 12 '12 at 6:47
You wouldn't use a filepath in a file uplaoder control. You know I had a sneaking suspicion this was what you were trying to do, but wanted to get past the location issue first. –  AaronLS Nov 12 '12 at 6:48
yes thats what i am using –  Drone Nov 12 '12 at 6:49

Well, the error says :

cannot open the file ''.

So it almost seems as if your Excel connection string isn't valid - it doesn't have a valid Excel file name in there!

When and where are you setting the Excel connection string??

Is the filepath1 you use valid in that moment?

Does it contain the valid Excel file name ??

Update: why I don't understand is: you're passing in xlspath as a parameter to your method - yet, you don't seem to use that xlspath anywhere - most certainly not to concatenate together your excelConnectionString ....

private bool writetoven(string xlspath)
    OleDbConnection excelConnection = new OleDbConnection(excelConnectionString)

Can you put a breakpoint on this line - what does your excelConnectionString look like - just before your create the connection? Could it be that xlspath contains vendor.xls - but your Excel connection string just never even gets set to that value??

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i am using that on a button click ... should i gave the connection string in my qus also i am uploading .xls file –  Drone Nov 10 '12 at 10:52
the filepath1 i am getting is : Vendor.xls –  Drone Nov 10 '12 at 11:00
i dont have microsoft access in my computer is thats the problem?? –  Drone Nov 10 '12 at 11:04
ok i removed that xlspath but its still not working –  Drone Nov 12 '12 at 6:19
@Drone: maybe you need to pass the fully qualified path and file name - not just the file name alone.... –  marc_s Nov 12 '12 at 6:41

Your excel file is open in the Microsoft Excel. Close the Excel window and everything will be fine.

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my excel window is closed ... i don't have any opened excel file –  Drone Nov 10 '12 at 11:07
@Drone Well, this was the case for me a hundred times. –  MD.Unicorn Nov 10 '12 at 11:10

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