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I was following this tutorial (for CakePHP 1.3)

The autocomplete works and the data that gets returned via JSON looks correct:

[{"value":"test2","label":"<img class=\"avatar\" width=\"24\" height=\"24\" src=\"test2.jpg\"><span class=\"username\">test2<\/span>"},{"value":"test","label":"<img class=\"avatar\" width=\"24\" height=\"24\" src=\"test.jpg\"><span class=\"username\">test<\/span>"}]

The dropdown the gets populated as expected, but the returned items are not formatted correctly:

&lt;img class="avatar" width="24" height="24" src="test2.jpg"&gt;&lt;span class="username"&gt;test2&lt;/span&gt;

Expected Result:

<img class="avatar" width="24" height="24" src="test2.jpg"><span class="username">test</span>

Any advice?

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use html_entity_decode() to decode the string return. is it right? –  MaNKuR Apr 27 '13 at 5:16

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