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i have done a server using this example socketAsyncEventArgs

in visual studio 2010 and .net 4.0.

Now i'm trying to connect to it from a windows 8 app using StreamSocket but i'm getting a "Acces denied" message. here is the Client code:

private StreamSocket streamSocket;
    public string Server = "";
    public int Port = 9900;

    public async void Connect()
        streamSocket = new StreamSocket();
            await streamSocket.ConnectAsync(
                new Windows.Networking.HostName(Server),
                Port.ToString()); // getting Acces Denied here

            DataReader reader = new DataReader(streamSocket.InputStream);
            reader.InputStreamOptions = InputStreamOptions.Partial;
            while (true)
                var bytesAvailable = await reader.LoadAsync(1000);
                var byteArray = new byte[bytesAvailable];

        catch (Exception e)

How to fix the problem? Is there another way to send and receive messages using this server?

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Have you checked the Windows Firewall? –  margabit Nov 10 '12 at 11:58

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You are probably also seeing the following as part of your error message:

WinRT information: A network capability is required to access this network resource

This is because you need to add a capability to your application that allows you to access local networks. Double click on the Package.appxmanifest file in your project. Click on the Capabilities tab. Add the Private Networks (Client & Server) capability to your project.

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Thanks. I had no knowledge that win 8 app has this stuff :D –  Sas Gabriel Nov 10 '12 at 14:03

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