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I have created ads for my app using admob-sdk. im getting revenue but i dont know what is eCpm, fillrate, rpm I've been searching the web but cant find the correct solution for this question..

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Those are different ad mob metrics that help you measure how effective you app is at displaying ads

Ecpm = earnings per thousand requests

Fill rate = the percent of your requests that received ads (sometimes there are no ads to show)

Rpm = earnings per thousand requests (virtually the same as ecpm)

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what is "request" ? is it ads being shown, or ads being clicked? Why would the "fill rate" not contain any ad ? –  android developer Mar 18 at 13:35
@androiddeveloper When you try to display an ad, your app sends a request for an ad to admob. If admob has an ad available when it receives your request, it sends an ad back, giving you an impression. Fill rate is pretty much (impressions/requests)*100. –  jcw Mar 18 at 17:39
But how do you get paid? by which event? by the clicks or the ads being shown? how is it calculated? –  android developer Mar 18 at 18:31
@androiddeveloper you get paid when someone clicks your ad. Admob don't reveal (as far as I can tell), how they work out your earnings. –  jcw Mar 18 at 21:23
so how would you know if Admob is any better than others? why would you care about all of the terminology if what actually care about is the money that you get? –  android developer Mar 18 at 22:27

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