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Adding a backbutton event listener to my Phonegap 2.0 mobile app prevents the user from exiting using the back key.

Before adding the event listener this was working: if the user visited N pages and clicked back N+1 times, the app would close (or go in the background for android 4.0 or higher).

Please see my code bellow.

document.addEventListener("backbutton", function(){
    if (window.history.length == 0) { // this does not work
        function quitApp(){
            "Are you sure you want to quit?",
            'App Title',
    if (typeof(window.activePage.onBack) === 'function') {
    } else {
}, false);

Any idea how i can achieve this: allow the user to exit using the back button while keeping my event listener?


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Try to bind the back button on your title page, maybe something like this:

$('#home-page-title').bind( 'pageinit',function(event){

      document.addEventListener("backbutton", function(){
  }, false);

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