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    <%= link_to "Follow", { :controller => "friendship", :action => "follow",:id=>} , :remote => true, :class => "follow_user" %>
  1. How do I use 'links' to pass argument 'id' as a POST variable and not as a parameter in the URL?
  2. And then, How do I make 'follow' action in 'friendship' controller only accept POST variable so that nobody can use 'http://localhost:3000/friendship/follow?id=8' in the URL to perform the action?
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  1. Add method: :post to your link_to options.
  2. Use a constraint on your route, or check if request is POST with your controller.
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:method => :post in link_to, and check in my controller seems to work fine, Thanks!! – user1743476 Nov 10 '12 at 13:24

Try <%= button_to "Follow", { controller: "friendship", action: "follow", id:}, remote: true, class: "follow_user", method: :post %>

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