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I am trying to format my dates in the YYYY-MMM-DD manner. I have a en.yml file that has it specified.

  default: ! '%Y-%b-%d'

I have also created a date_time_formats.rb in my initializers folder.

Date::DATE_FORMATS[:default] = '%Y-%b-%d'
Time::DATE_FORMATS[:db]= '%Y-%b-%d'

I have also tried placing the same code directly in my environments.rb file. If I test out the defaults in the console Date.now.to_s then I get what I expect in return, "2012-Nov-10", but in my view I always see "2012-11-10".

I have tried saving it in the controller with Date.now and Date.now.to_s, but I still get the same result.

I must be missing something simple, so any help will be appreciated.

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I found the answer to my question, although I dont understand why. Here is a Stack answer that explains it here

Basically I added these 2 lines of code to my environment.rb.

Time::DATE_FORMATS.merge!({:db => '%m/%d/%Y', :uk_format => '%m/%d/%Y'})
Date::DATE_FORMATS.merge!({:db => '%m/%d/%Y', :uk_format => '%m/%d/%Y'})

And now everything works as planned. I looked for the documentation on the merge function to get a better understanding, but did not have any luck.

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You can also try to localize your dates in the view:

<%= l(Model.created_at) %>
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Can you do this in a form with a f.text_field type tag? –  jhamm Nov 11 '12 at 1:00
hmmm... i dont know :/ –  Lichtamberg Nov 11 '12 at 13:37

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