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Hello Dear stackoverflow members,

I was trying to make application to communicate over internet by solving many practical issues such as NAT, port forward, firewall, private ip etc. I searched many books online about it.But they are quite descriptive , not straight forward to practical issues and code less.I know about java sockets.But now a days sockets becomes unrealistic without these practical problems.So can any one please suggest me a very good straight forward networking book in java which illustrate practical issues such as NAT, port forward, firewall, private ip in code.I need a book which explain about how to do real communication across internet.


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There's no book like the one you describe, but ...

In order to know "how to do real communications across internet" you need to understand how the Internet is put together and how its protocols work. The best book investment related to real networking you can make is this:

enter image description here

TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 1: The Protocols, by W. Richard Stevens. Having read this will allow you to address all those issues, in any programming language. The book is very "staight forward" and actually is a very enjoyable read.

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Thank You.Its really a good book.It would be more nice book if codes are in java. –  user1542462 Nov 12 '12 at 18:02