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Does the Django ORM have a construct defined that generates tables from each row under a specified column from a given table?

Example: Suppose we have the following table.

Table: Person
id|name  |age
1 |John  |60      
2 |Isaac |24    
3 |Fred  |50      
4 |Will  |35  

Now I want an object that creates a table from each row under name in Person. For the John and Isaac entries this would get me:

Table: John
id|name  |age_diff
1 |Isaac |36
2 |Fred  |10
3 |Will  |25

Table: Isaac
id|name  |age_diff
1 |John  |36
2 |Fred  |26
3 |Will  |11
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No there isn't. In stock django tables are created by 'syncdb' command and its ORM does not handle dynamic addition or modification of tables.

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Django's ORM cannot create tables for you, as far as I know. You could do that via raw SQL statements:

from django.db import connection, transaction
name = 'John'
cursor = connection.cursor()
cursor.execute('CREATE TABLE '+name+'(id int NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,\
                name VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL, age_diff int NOT NULL,\
                PRIMARY KEY(id))')

But that's quite ugly. I think at least with your example it makes no sense to create these extra tables. Seems like a huge waste of storage without any gain. You could create the age differences just as well in Python code at the time you need them. That would also be a lot more intuitive.

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