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What are the best Ruby / Rails book available right now ?

Note : I know that this question has probably been asked before. But things change so much in the Ruby / Rails world that some of the books are not up to date or even teaches things that are deprecated in the newer release of Ruby / Rails.

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For learning Rails and Ruby, I typically recommend (and refer to!):

Agile Web Development with Rails - Pragmatic Bookshelf (and co-written by DHH - creator of Rails)

The Rails Way - Addison-Wesley

Programming Ruby (The pickaxe book) - Pragmatic Bookshelf

The Ruby Programming Language - O'Reailly

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Recently came across this article which mentions a good number of Ruby and Rails books.

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In my opinion the best book is still SitePoint-Patrick Lenz-Simply Rails 2 and the unforgotten one Agile Web Development with Rails, Third Edition, but you can start with rails guides to have a newbie tutorial.

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I don't normally see this book recommended, but if you are a PHP developer, Rails for PHP Developers is an excellent book.

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