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The are Two table

table stud
id   name  marks1 marks 2
1     X     3      2
2     y     4      2
3     z     5      2

2nd Table Comment


update the comment column with rows of stud in the given format Expected Result

Table Comment

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Have you made any effort to do this yourself? If so, please post what you have, and why/how it's wrong. –  Damien_The_Unbeliever Nov 10 '12 at 15:51

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SQL Fiddle

MS SQL Server 2008 Schema Setup:

create table stud
  id int,
  name varchar(10),
  marks1 int,
  marks2 int

create table comment
  comment varchar(max)

insert into stud values
(1,     'X',     3,      2),
(2,     'y',     4,      2),
(3,     'z',     5,      2)

Query 1:

insert into comment(comment)
  select '#'+cast(id as varchar(10))+','+
             cast(marks1 as varchar(10))+','+
             cast(marks2 as varchar(10))
  from stud
  for xml path(''), type
  ).value('substring((./text())[1], 2)', 'varchar(max)')


Query 2:

select *
from comment


|                 COMMENT |
| 1,X,3,2#2,y,4,2#3,z,5,2 |
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