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I'm trying to debug an android application I'm running to see where the problems in my code are. All I'm trying to do at the moment is step into a method I wrote to check whether a database exists but the debugger just keeps going through code from JARs and only code I don't care about. Right now when I try to step into the method the debugger opens a page for something called DexPathList.findClass(String). Here's a screenshot of what it looks like when I first try and step into my method:

enter image description here

and the screen that pops up after I hit Step Into for DexPathList.findClass(String): enter image description here

How can I skip all these superfluous bits on information and just look at my own code?

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Easiest way: Use CtrlAltLeft mouse and click on the method name where you want to stop. That's called hyperlink debugging.

The long term solution is to add step filters which exclude those unwanted classes from the debugger.

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I tried to change it using step filters and it did skip a couple of classes but I hit a wall when I got to DexPathList.findClass. I could find any class by that name or find anything through Google about it either. –  Greener Nov 11 '12 at 20:42

If you want to debug ONLY your Android project, use step filter (Windows -> preference -> java -> debug -> step filter). Here a list of package you have to filter :

How to set step filters for Android

Now you can step into without fear =)

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If your package start by "com.example.*", just refactor and take off "com.". –  hayj Mar 25 at 8:29

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