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in my Popup windows (contains game options control) I have "Reset HighScores" Button. Button fire a MessageDialog with a TextBlock "Are you sure that ..." and two Buttons "Yes" and "No". However, when MessageDialog opens, Popup closes. Do you know how to make popup still alive?

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I was able to get around this using an Action delegate as a callback for when the MessageDialog is closed.

The key is to call the Action after an await on MessageDialog's ShowAsync in an async function.

Another key is to Close and Open your popup to get the IsLightDismissEnabled to actually take hold.


    IsLightDismissEnabled="{Binding IsLightDismiss, Mode=TwoWay}"
    IsOpen="{Binding IsPopupOpen, Mode=TwoWay}">


private bool isPopupOpen;
public bool IsPopupOpen
    get { return this.isPopupOpen; }
    set { this.SetProperty(ref this.isPopupOpen, value); }

private bool isLightDismiss;
public bool IsLightDismiss
    get { return this.isLightDismiss; }
    set { this.SetProperty(ref this.isLightDismiss, value); }

protected void ShowDialog()
    this.IsLightDismiss = false;
    this.IsPopupOpen = false;
    this.IsPopupOpen = true;
    Action showPopup = () => {
        this.IsLightDismiss = true;
        this.IsPopupOpen = false;
        this.IsPopupOpen = true;
    ShowMessageDialog("message", "title", showPopup);
private async void ShowMessageDialog(string message, string title, Action callback)
    var _messageDialog = new MessageDialog(message, title);
    await _messageDialog.ShowAsync();
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set your Popup's IsLightDismissEnabled property to false to achieve that.

popup.IsLightDismissEnabled = false;
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doesn't work, topic still actual –  Krzysztof Kachniarz Nov 10 '12 at 20:27
you should add popup.LostFocus event handler then, in event handler you can make sure it stays open –  Mayank Nov 10 '12 at 21:10

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