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How do I enable desktop notifications in Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF)?

When I load my url in Google Chrome, window.webkitNotifications is non-null. When I load my url in my embedded CEF browser, window.webkitNotifications is null.

 if(!window.webkitNotifications) {
    alert("You need to use The Google Chrome Browser to get this feature!");
    return false;

Are desktop notifications supported in CEF? If so, how do I enable them?

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As far as I know, current CEF versions don't support this feature.
I also needed this functionality in my project. I ended up implementing it myself, under a different namespace with slightly different functionality.

So you can implement it yourself using JS Extensions. Might take some work, but it'll get you what you need.

You can also try asking that question in the CEF Support Forum, you might get a better answer than "do it yourself".

I'd love to hear a better solution for this.

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Thanks for confirming my suspicion that it is not supported yet. I have been working with the JavaScript extensions and so far so good (although I am not there yet! –  Frank Nov 27 '12 at 20:33
Anyone of you guys willing to share his work? I'm stuck in the same spot. –  Tsury Apr 29 at 11:24

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