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I am trying to check my applications path, and if it is not a specified path, then move it. I feel like my code is solid, yet it does not work properly.



if(SHGetSpecialFolderPath(HWND_DESKTOP, pCheck, CSIDL_DESKTOP, FALSE)){
        return 0;
        MessageBox(NULL,L"New Location",NULL,NULL); 
        return 0;

Even when the file is in the new path it will still result pCheck != xPath

I never get the "New Location" messagebox. When first two messageboxs are displayed, the path's are equal...

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You are just comparing the addresses of the arrays (which obviously are never the same). If you want to compare the two strings held in the arrays you should use _tcscmp();

if(_tcscmp(pCheck, xPath) != 0){ 
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Thank you. I will select as answer in 10 mins when it lets me. –  Josh Line Nov 10 '12 at 16:51

Your TChar array decays into a pointer to the first character. You are currently checking for pointer equality, which is why you never get TRUE.

Use strcmp equivalents, for TChar, like _tcscmp.

_tcscmp is a macro, which either invokes wcscmp or strcmp depending on the type of characters.

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